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Ergonomical design – Reduce fatigue effectively. USB interface, Plug-and-Play, no installation need. No mouse pad required, sliding on any surface . Real hardware resolution 1200dpi – fastest and best buy for professional designers and game fans. 3D internet wheel fully supports the wheel operation functions of Windows OS series. fulfill the autoseroll and zooming function etc by its own drive Digital encoder technology, operate precisely, prevent faulty movement effectively Dimensions: 60mm*30mm*25mm(L*H*W) Compatible with MS Windows 98/2000/me/XP/Vista/Mac OS 9 and above.

Size: W24×D27×H60mm Cable length: 1.2m Weight: 35g Button: 2 buttons and scroll button Interface: USB (A type connector) Reading system: Optical sensor system (ball less) Resolution: 1200dpi Corresponding type: Windows XP 2000 Me 98SE 98 Plug & Play, driver unnecessary Color:Black、 Blue、Purple、Pink、Yellow

LED Mirror Clock

April 26, 2010


A  mirror with LED time display on the bottom position.  It can be used as a mirror when the LED is off.  Calendar and time display alternatively.  It also has snooze alarm and hourly alarm function.   It can be positioned anywhere in your house. Details: 1. Time and date automatically switch display 2. Alarm Clock, Snooze Function 3. Can be a mirror, but also the clock 4. Blue Night Light Function 5. Flashed at all times mode and voice-activated vibration modes Changliang mode: When the switch in the ON state, the time and Nightlight has been displaying. 6.Voice, or vibration mode: When the switch in the OFF state, the time and the night light will be bright with a certain sound or touch.

Turn on your faucet and the LED light in this water-activated Faucet light automatically illuminates the streaming water and sink with a brilliant ceystal BLUE glow(when the water reaches 30-35℃)! Water glows GREEN when the water si at a safe temperature to touch(below 30℃). When the water temperature reaches 50degrees or above, the LED light will automatically change to RED! Turn off the water and the light goes off. Installs easily in minute! Just unscrew your old aerator, screw on the Faucet light. Universal ad adaptor is included to fit most water faucets. Features: ●Installs quickly ●Fits most standard faucets ●No electrical power needed, No button batteries needed, power from stream flow. ●Main Materials: PMMA, aluminium alloy. ●Size: Dia 19.6mm/23.5mm

It is a show time of the original props, not through pointers, it will not be passed LCD screen to display the time, but a similar sports scoreboard of the display to display. Every time change, and will be through the internal mechanical components of a page, so as to continuously update the display of the time may therefore be called the next page bell.

Bobbin Winder

April 26, 2010



SIZE: 8*8*1cm Color: red, blue, black, yellow, lemon, white Material: ABS Size: 8*8CM Weight: 30g Self-adhesive stickers in the back

This auction features brand new pedometers with bright LED lights. The pedometer has a unique LCD display to count up to 99999 steps automaticlly when you are running. This pedometer has a built in ultra bright 3 LED light; Operation manual: Stick pedometer to strap; Keep the letter on the screen upright; Press “reset” to delete former pedometer record; Begin to use with Zero; Record capacity is 99999; Powered by 3 AG 13 button cell batteries (included) Weight: 37g

Rainbow is a natural phenomenon, which is the result of sunlight hitting the air drops, the occurrence of light caused by reflection and refraction. When the sun shines on the air of the rain, light is refracted and reflected, in the sky to form the colorful arch of the spectrum. Colorful rainbow colors, from the outside to inside are as follows: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Anti-Hot Glass

April 26, 2010


Cup   Kicthen  

Anti-hot cups with high-quality glass, very smooth and texture! Half cup height of the soft, so you do not have to worry about Scald! 【Capacity】: 300ml 【Material】: Quality Glass 【Product Weight】: 278g

Guess What is the role of this flat lying villain? May be suggestive of its name is Iron Spider-Man, look at its shape on the feeling that it is ready to withstand the great pressure, the usual home life should be able to use it. Material: Iron Color: Red / Black Size: 20.8 × 13.8 × 2.6cm   Weight: 0.12KG


Do you have ever thought to enjoy misty Star in your own room? Star Projector to help you achieve this dream. A new home Star Projector, using projection technology Project Star map of the universe on the roof of your home! The machine has 12 months star map, which means the star rotate in your room are the same with the real-star. Make sky Stars shining with you and create some romantic. Size:11x11x12cm