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It is a globose lamp with hollow pattern on surface, the light emitted by the LED bulb across holes in the surface that projects the star sky onto walls and ceiling with thousands of stars in random order.

A heart made of 1 moon, 12 constellations and countless stars, the specially designed pattern brings you an extremely beautifully night sky and creates an immersive atmosphere thanks to its special lighting effect.

The environment is gradually illuminated by a soft light that helps relaxation and gently brings the person to sleep.

The Starry Lamp is also a perfect romantic atmosphere generator creates a special room for lovers. Forget candle, bring a bottle of wine, a bunch of flowers with music and this Starry Lamp, touches all your sense organ, what a lovely experience! 


The base allows adjust the projection angle in a easy way.



Technical Specs

Power 3W     
Lumens(brightness) 250lm
Colour Temperature 6500-7000K
Voltage 100~240V  50/60  Hz
Battery 3 AA Batteries
Warranty 2 years
Product dimensions 19 (height) x 18 (diameter) x18 (depth)  cm
7.5 (height) x 7 (diameter) x7 (depth)  in
Product Weight 0.4  kg
Cord length 150  cm
Brightness settings 3

Rainbow is a natural phenomenon, which is the result of sunlight hitting the air drops, the occurrence of light caused by reflection and refraction. When the sun shines on the air of the rain, light is refracted and reflected, in the sky to form the colorful arch of the spectrum. Colorful rainbow colors, from the outside to inside are as follows: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.