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Ocean enthusiasts, like sailors, boaters, surfers, kayakers and windsurfers, for instance, oftentimes have a tough time finding the right shoe to protect their feet from constant exposure to water. Chafing, mildew and blisters can all be an issue if water specific shoes aren’t used. Nothing can ruin a surf or sailing trip quicker than foot injury or discomfort. Although neoprene booties are an option when braving frigid water or shallow reef passes, they don’t really function as a shoe structurally or technically. So where can water lovers find a surf “shoe” that is both waterproof, supportive, well made and sturdy for a reasonable price? INFMETRY Boating Water Shoes. The INFMETRY Anti Skid Outsole Five Finger Toes Quick Drying Outdoor Waking Shoe Slip Resistant Breathable Lightweight 5 Toe Shoes are the perfect option for consumers looking to purchase are great all around water shoe. 

The men’s Anti Skid Outsole Water Shoe, specifically, are not only extremely functional when exposed to the elements, but they are also quite affordable. Surf and water gear is often quite pricey, and surfers and boaters, for instance spend an arm and a leg on gear, so at around $38, customer’s can’t go wrong with the price. In fact, customers can expect to pay the same for two pairs of INFMETRY Shoes as they would for one pair of a competitors brand or bootie. These breathable, rubber, five-toed shoes fit true to a person’s size and can be worn in and out of the water environment of choice. INFMETRY’s shoes are not only breathable, but also wick away moisture with their modern, patented technologies and sturdy rubber soles. Each shoe is carefully constructed and sewn with the consumer’s well-being in mind.

Planning a sailing or surfing trip abroad or looking for a great water shoe for your local line-up? Because these innovative shoes are carefully designed and constructed with durability, strength, comfort and breathability in mind, customers can expect their feet to be well taken care of when out on the ocean, lake, or river. Merrto Shoes never get soggy or weighed down and don't have to be hung to dry. Mold and mildew are never and issue with Merrto Water Shoes because of the carefully chosen materials and air circulation throughout. Merrto also offers running and hiking shoes that are equally as well-made and by far one of the most affordable options on the market. Customers rave about the affordability and durability of these products. Don’t wait to order your pair of INFMETRY Water Shoes online at our store or amazon.com. You won’t be disappointed with these fun, well-made, affordable and attractive water shoes made specifically for your favorite water sports.

This TV has 3 customizable alarms as well as 10 min snooze increment to make sure you are never late again! It’s not only an alarm, but a Bluetooth speaker too. Though it looks small, it holds big volumes and can last up to 5 hours of continuous wireless music playing. Just pull this TV out at your next gathering, we guarantee it’ll be a hit!

Cute displays pop up for every function and you can add your own charm to it with the recording option. Want to hear yourself or something customized waking you up every morning? This TV can do that! Want to give it as a gift? This TV can record a personalized message to your friends or family!

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This is an animated sunflower play saxophone with hip wiggle, it is so enchanting and funny which will be a good option for your gifts list. 

Drunken tails has unique shape inspired from the African drunken animal’s tail. The animals living in Africa often get drunk by eating fermented fruit what is called “Marula”. After heavy ingestion of Marula, they stumble just like drunken men. The product is motivated from this hilarious scene of drunken animals swing their tail back and forth. To represent this swaying motion of animals, we combined a form of a roly-poly toy with a bottle opener.

Drunken tails is happy to join you to pass on pleasant feeling while you are having a beer with your friends! Let them hang around and stagger to groove the moment.

Drunken tails is a fascinating object that sways back and forth on any flat places around you. We hope to provide unexpected unique experience to users with this fun feature on bottle opener.

Sit back and enjoy a cool beer tonight with drunken tails!

Size : 120mm x 130mm x 60(45)mm (packet)
Material : ABS, Steel, Magnet
Color : Lime, Orange, Cacao, Red

This is the world's most beautiful cat house, not only to give your cat a privacy room, but it is also an elegant decorator in any room of your home.
The round shape of Igloo Litter Box makes it large enough for average cats to comfortably turn around and dig. The wide entrance allows cats within 7kg to walk through easily. It is one of the largest product of its kind.
Allows cats to do their business in a quiet, safe and private space. Keeps the bad smell off the interior space. Prevents small dogs and children from enjoying the "treats" inside.
The long clean grid at the entrance can help cats clean the litter in their paws every time they walk out, nearly eliminates litter tracking and provides a clean space for cat owners.
Just lift the lid, grab the scoop, the arced front edge matches Igloo's contours for thorough scooping. You can also easily attach the scoop at the edge of base after cleaning.
The modern design style complements any room, which can eliminate the awkward moments when your guests see you putting in a toilet in your room. It is much more than an elegant piece of furniture.

If-you’re looking for a painless, non-invasive way to get pointy elf ears, you’re probably going to love these cool-looking earbuds.

The Elf Ear Style Earphone is the perfect accessory for elf-loving audiophiles. While earphone are generally used by people who don’t want to stand out too much, this unique pair will grab a lot of attention due to their unusual shape. These things go into your ears like regular earbuds, but they also act as pointy extensions for the ear lobes, giving you that coveted elf look.


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How to trim insoles?

November 14, 2016


Check whether the shoe already has an insole that can be removed, and how it will affect the installation of a new insole. A removable insole is normally easy to identify because it tends to be thick and not glued down. Because it might be difficult to wear two padded insoles in one shoe. 

Step 1: Remove factory insole

Buy an insole close to your standard size. If your shoe size is a half size, round up to the next full size. For example, if the shoe size is a 7.5, choose a size 8 insole. Larger insoles can be trimmed to fit a slightly smaller size.

Step 2: Tracing

Put the original insole on top of the new insole. Line up the back of the heel and the arch as best you can. 

While holding the original insole aligned against the new insole, use the marking pen to trace around the original insole to get an outline to cut along.

Step 3: Trimming

Cut your new insole just inside the line you just drew. Once the insoles are trimmed, they should fit properly into your shoes.

Stirling Engine Mug

November 08, 2016


Cup   Kicthen  

With its sturdy frame construction and distinctive design, the INFMETRY Umbrella is the perfect combination of durability and metropolitan style.
  • Wind-combat Frame Systems:Each rib is reinforced with high-density fiberglass ligaments to prevent breakage or rib distortion in strong winds. 

  • Automatic Open & Close: Simply OPEN or CLOSE the umbrella with a press of a button within one second. Perfect for one handed operation.

  • Keeps You Dry: The umbrella canopy is made from 190T micro-weave fabric that is coated with the industry leading Teflon fabric protection that repels water and dries fast. 

  • UV Protection: Vinyl coated polyester on canopy can resist most ultraviolet rays.
  • Potable but don't compromise on practicability: Measures 13.8 inches in closed length, lightweight and easy to toss into a business backpack. Measures 45 inches in coverage arc diameter, big enough for nature's wrath.
  • Emergency Hammer: The umbrella ferrule is made of 800HV chromium alloy which can be used as a window glass breaker or car rescue escape hammer.
  • Umbrella Hanger Included: Simply clip on the umbrella to the hanger and just placed it anywhere that's convenient!

Coverage Arc Diameter: 45 inches
Closed Length: 13.8 inches
Weight: 0.96 lb
Button System: Auto-open & auto-close button system
Shaft Material: Steel
Frame System: Fiberglass reinforced 8-rib frame system
Canopy Fabric: 190 thread-count microweave fabr
Finding the ideal Christmas gifts can be stressful at this festive time of year so we thought we would make it easier for you. Whether you’re looking for a secret santa present for your friend, a stocking filler for the little one or a Christmas gift for him or her then we have a great range of gift ideas for all!
20. Bonfire Coatrack[$129]
23. Mermaid Glass[$6.99]
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