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With its sturdy frame construction and distinctive design, the INFMETRY Umbrella is the perfect combination of durability and metropolitan style.
  • Wind-combat Frame Systems:Each rib is reinforced with high-density fiberglass ligaments to prevent breakage or rib distortion in strong winds. 

  • Automatic Open & Close: Simply OPEN or CLOSE the umbrella with a press of a button within one second. Perfect for one handed operation.

  • Keeps You Dry: The umbrella canopy is made from 190T micro-weave fabric that is coated with the industry leading Teflon fabric protection that repels water and dries fast. 

  • UV Protection: Vinyl coated polyester on canopy can resist most ultraviolet rays.
  • Potable but don't compromise on practicability: Measures 13.8 inches in closed length, lightweight and easy to toss into a business backpack. Measures 45 inches in coverage arc diameter, big enough for nature's wrath.
  • Emergency Hammer: The umbrella ferrule is made of 800HV chromium alloy which can be used as a window glass breaker or car rescue escape hammer.
  • Umbrella Hanger Included: Simply clip on the umbrella to the hanger and just placed it anywhere that's convenient!

Coverage Arc Diameter: 45 inches
Closed Length: 13.8 inches
Weight: 0.96 lb
Button System: Auto-open & auto-close button system
Shaft Material: Steel
Frame System: Fiberglass reinforced 8-rib frame system
Canopy Fabric: 190 thread-count microweave fabr
Finding the ideal Christmas gifts can be stressful at this festive time of year so we thought we would make it easier for you. Whether you’re looking for a secret santa present for your friend, a stocking filler for the little one or a Christmas gift for him or her then we have a great range of gift ideas for all!
20. Bonfire Coatrack[$129]
23. Mermaid Glass[$6.99]

Tecsun Wood Headphones

September 18, 2016

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Driver Size:50mm
Cable length:1.8m
Audio Jack:3.5mm gold-plated 

Weight: 180g

We are in an era of data storage in cloud, let us easy and fast access to data. However, a variety of data leak events make us have to faced the issue how to protect the security of our privacy data. A encrypted USB flash drives may be a solution. 

UTRA Encrypted USB Flash Drives allows use morse code or APP to unlock. For morse code, set a morse code via app first, then you can click the UTRA with morse code to unlock.

For app unlock, use your social account or cell phone to create an account, then if UTRA and app has bluetooth connection, UTRA unlock automatic, if UTRA and app has not bluetooth connection(you disable bluetooth or you phone far away from UTRA), the app will remind you not to forget the flash disk and UTRA will lock when the setting time coming.

This uses logic gets a perfect balance between usability and data security. Don't need to input an annoying password every time. And don't need to worry about lose your flash disk that people can access your data.

A single remote control joystick designed to control aircraft movements. The biggest bright spot is rotation by way of somatosensory control. According to information on the official propaganda, "Even if the user never contacted UAV before, they can quickly get started in five minutes."

Meanwhile, the camera supports 360 ° rotation. It may be the most natural way of thinking to control the aircraft to shoot.


Designed by PowerVision, this product will be released at the end of Aug 2016.

Children are now live in an age of advanced science and technology, TVs, Xbox, mobile phones, different kinds large and small screen makes myopia easy. Particularly parents can not always stare at them, asked them away from the screen or book.

Well, this Wispal Myopia Prevention Smart Pen is to solve the problem. It does this by detecting the distance between kid and pen, the pen point of view, time of use, these parameters to alert children, thus preventing myopia.

An interesting function is when the Wispal Myopia Prevention Smart Pen detects if the user is wrote in a incorrect sitting position, the cartridge will automatically shrink into the pen inside, so the children will have to re-adjust the sitting position.


Plus a matching app, parents can see the using record of the pen, let children always adjust posture to prevent myopia. 

This adapter allows you to using the earphone/AirPods and charging your new iPhone 7 at the same time.

UNIQCUBE Light Cubes

February 25, 2016


Lamps should do more than just give you light! Bring a touch of uniqueness to your room with UNIQCUBE light cubes. You can choose one of the pre-designed mood lamps or create your own. Each of the cubes have a unique design, for example, KNOW YOUR STARS UNIQCUBE will not only give you illumination, but also teach you the constellations. This lamp has the constellations labelled on its top surface, whereas the sides and bottom areas are decorated with large representations of them, so you will never get lost in the endless night sky. 

This cable organizer with creative design support you setting up a more effective solution for cable management. It contains two parts, magnet base and magnet buckles. Peel off the magnet base's protective film on the back and stick to any surface such as wall, desktop, bedside table etc. Tie your cable with the magnet buckle(Remember Choose the Right Size), then you can attach the cable to the base firmly. It's really simple but effective.


Wanna something different at night? You should try this LED tote, made of  a transparent PVC cover, a canvas bag inside and a LED Strip. This is a prototype designed by Feng, the founder of infmetry.com, please leave your comments below, we will decide whether to mass production according to your opinions. Thanks a lot!