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Roly-poly Drunken Animal Tail Bottle Opener

Drunken tails has unique shape inspired from the African drunken animal’s tail. The animals living in Africa often get drunk by eating fermented fruit what is called “Marula”. After heavy ingestion of Marula, they stumble just like drunken men. The product is motivated from this hilarious scene of drunken animals swing their tail back and forth. To represent this swaying motion of animals, we combined a form of a roly-poly toy with a bottle opener.

Drunken tails is happy to join you to pass on pleasant feeling while you are having a beer with your friends! Let them hang around and stagger to groove the moment.

Drunken tails is a fascinating object that sways back and forth on any flat places around you. We hope to provide unexpected unique experience to users with this fun feature on bottle opener.

Sit back and enjoy a cool beer tonight with drunken tails!

Size : 120mm x 130mm x 60(45)mm (packet)
Material : ABS, Steel, Magnet
Color : Lime, Orange, Cacao, Red

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