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Can take off her bra, then her breasts will be able to shake up and down, powered by sun rays, can be placed indoors or in the car, if you are not afraid of your wife! Size:12.5cm Color:Red hair, Yellow hair

Build your own 30 cm glow-in-the-dark solar system planetarium model. Assemble, paint and highlight with glow effects. Watch it glow in the dark as if it were in Space. It’s an inspiring science craft. Contains 3-dimensional Solar System planetarium model, 1 brush, 1 strip of paint pots and glow paint, a stand and rotating arms, 9 steel bars, sand paper, Saturn ring template, detailed instructions, and a bonus wall chart of Solar System. 6/Inner 24/Master 5.4 Kg 2.3 Cuft Item Size : 17 cm x 22 cm x 6 cm

Spa Memo

April 26, 2010


In a busy working day, see the lovely villain enjoy the relaxed SPA, Are you feel relaxed? Size:10.7 * 10.6 * 5cm Material:Recyclable Plastic Color:Pink / Green / Blue

Teddy Bear Lamp

April 26, 2010


Is he a bear? Is he a lamp? Whichever way you choose to see him, he looks weirdly wonderful and will be sure to earn a second look from your guests. Teddy Bear Lamp is a strikingly unique designer lamp. The Teddy Bear Lamp features, yes you have guessed it, a soft plushy teddy bear body, the head replaced with a lamp. The Teddybear Lamp looks very comfy anywhere you would have a more traditional lamp. Features:

  • Body Height: 32cm
  • Lampshade Height: 30cm
  • Overall Height: 60cm
  • Converter included: 12V Energy efficient light bulb.
  • Weight: 1.33KG(2.93 Pound)

You are sound asleep when suddenly a piercing noise jolts you out of bed. You slowly slink to the bathroom and flip on the lights. Your eyes are assaulted with the goriest of sights. Your heart is now racing; there’s no way you’re going back to sleep now. Which is perfect because the piercing noise was your alarm clock, you’re now fully awake, and it’s time to get ready for work.

When we were younger,we smoke in the toilet to hiding parents. when we working, , we smoke in the toilet to hiding boss. when we were married, we smoke in the toilet to hiding wife. And today we finally openly smoking in the toilet. Mini toilet ashtray, let us recall the history of man smoking~~~ color: white Product Material: Ceramic SIZE:9x12x12cm

The Virtual Laser Keyboard leverages the power of laser and infrared technology and projects a full-size keyboard onto any flat surface. As you type on the laser projection, detection technology based on optical recognition enables the user to tap the images of the keys, complete with realistic tapping sounds, which feed into the compatible Bluetooth-enabled PDA, Smartphone, laptop or PC. When using the VKB settings can be changed either via your laptop, your PC or your compatible Smartphone and PDA: Sound: controllable Virtual Keyboard sound effects (keyclicks) Connection: Connection to the appropriate Laptop/PC port Intensity: Intensity of the projected Virtual Keyboard Timeouts: coordinated timeouts to conserve the Virtual Keyboard’s battery life Sensitivity: adjustable sensitivity of the Virtual Keyboard Auto-repeat: Allows the VKB to automatically repeat a key based on prescribed parameters Where Can I use It?! Personal Digital Assistants (PDA’s) Cellular Telephones Laptops (NOT MAC compatible) Tablet PCs Space saving Computers Clean Rooms Industrial Environments Test Equipment Sterile and Medical Environments Transport (Air, Rail, Automotive) KEY FEATURES Full size wire-free QWERTY keyboard projection at the touch of a button Pocket-sized for convenience Adjustable sensitivity to suit your typing style Adjustable keyboard sound Conserve battery life with adjustable settings Works with compatible Bluetooth devices (Check Compatibility List) SPECIFICATIONS Bluetooth specification v1.1 class 2 Supports Bluetooth HID and SPP profiles Detection rate of up to 400 characters per minute Battery capacity: up to 120 minutes continuous typing Dimensions: 90 x 34 x 24mm Weight:80 grams Out Of Stock

Card Light (Pocket Lamp) is an amazing creativity, it is as thin as credit cards, the bulbs can be folded into the purse, only need a small battery which could bring you light at the crucial moment.


Film Action Clock

April 26, 2010


It can be hung on the wall, can also be flat on the table.  LED display hours, minutes, seconds, hundredths of a second, year, with dates and alarm. A full-featured plug from the power supply with cables and instructions. Really cool design, great as a gift!


  • Time Display – Hour, Minutes, Second
  • Calendar Display – Year, Month, Date
  • Alarm Function and Stopped by the Clapper
  • Mount on Wall / Stand on the Desk Design
  • Powered by 6V Transformer
  • Net Weight: 842g
  • Size: 22.2 * 18.5 * 2.5cm
  • Material: Metal, plastic
  • Power: 100V~220V

Film Clock

April 26, 2010

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Digital cameras are all the rage these days, and very rarely will you find anyone who would settle for an analog unless they’re from an artsy background or are a professional who wants the warmth of traditional film. The Roll Film Clock doesn’t capture any photos, but it does display the current time including hour, minute, second, date, month and year.

Material: Metal, Plastic Color: yellow Product Dimensions: 19 x 18 x 10.5 cm Power Supply: 3 batteries