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50 Unique and Novelty Lighter For Your Personality

We have selected 47 unique, creative, novelty lighter in different shapes for your choices. Anywhere anytime you can lit a fire easily and surprisingly. All the types are very funny and cool, it is a good gift, not only for your friends, but also for yourself. Now enjoy it!

1. Beer Bottle Lighter The Lighter has a Regular Flame. The bottom of lighter has a bottle opener. 2. Bike Lighter With Bag It is bike-shaped, you can drive it to everywhere you want, now buy it and start your new journey. 3. Biscuit Lighter This lighter is in the shape of biscuit, look so sweet and delicious that you even want to take a little bite of it. 4. Billiards Lighter This cool lighter is great for a recreation room conversation piece, you can use it or just display it. It’s ideal for a collection or gift. Very cool gadget! 5. Bullet Lighter Who doesn’t want a lighter shaped like a bullet? The bottom of this 3.5″ tall lighter flips open to reveal the flame. 6. Camera Lighter Camera Lighter With LED Light. It is funny you can pretend to take a photo while lighting the fire and suprise your friends. 7. Chewing Gum Lighter A fun gadget to impress your friends with humor at any places, any time! 8. Chocolate Lighter The lighter looks very like chocolate, it’s so sweet and delicious that you even want to take a little bite of it. 9. Cigarette Lighter Cool lighter for you. Looks like cigarette, you can put it in your cigarette box, easy to hide! 10. Claw Hammer Lighter Size:7*0.7*5.7cm 11. Aladdin’s Lamp Lighter This is Aladdin’s lamp lighter, now make a wish, it will help your wish come true. 12. Badminton Lighter Do you like to play badminton? This Badminton lighter will be your favorite. 13. Battery Lighter Battery shaped, simple designed for your convenience, don’t miss it! 14. Match Lighter Match lighter with many sizes, you can choose according to your own hobby. 15. Mini Cans Lighter Mini Cans Lighter With Nightlight. 16. Mini Kettle Lighter Kettle shaped, very cute, don’t hesitate to take a look at it! 17. Double Bike Lighter Size:26x12cm Color Random 18. Excavator Lighter Excavator lighter, yellow decorated, good gift to give to your friends. 19. Fire Extinguisher Lighter Fire extinguisher lighter with a LED light and keychain. 20. Fire Hydrant Lighter Fire Hydrant Lighter, vermilion red. 21. Flash Slippers Lighter Size:8x3cm 22. Slippers Lighter Slipper shaped, find funny things in your daily life. 23. Foot Lighter Foot Lighter With Bottle Opener. 24. Forklift Lighter Little forklift will bing you very much fun, yellow designed. 25. Gas Cylinder Lighter The bottle can be used as ashtray. 26. Grenade Lighter Do you want to throw grenade? Grenade lighter will let your dream come true.

27. Bones Lighter Bone shaped. Your dog will like it than you perhaps.

28. Bowling Lighter Size:9.5x3cm

29. Mini Shoes Lighter Mini shoes style lighter and can be used as keychain. 30. Pencil Lighter Color random, Size:8*2cm. 31. Heavy Machine Gun Lighters PLA A21 Heavy Machine Gun Lighters With Sound. 32. Plough Truck Lighter Size:16x6x10cm 33. Retro Artillery Lighter Size:24x10x10cm 34. Hamburger Lighter Hamburger Lighter and can be used as keychain. 35. Howitzers Lighter Size:30x10x9cm 36. Ice Cream Lighter Do you like to eat ice cream? This Ice cream lighter will bring you much fun. 37. Lipstick Lighter Lipstick, buy one and give it to your girlfriend, she will like it! 38. Tractor Lighter Size:14x9x9cm 39. Truck Lighter Size:17x6cm 40. Bike Lighter Size:18cm 41. Mini lamp lighter Size:8x2cm 42. Mini Poker Lighter Do you like to play poker? Poker lighter, don’t miss it! 43. Small Cake Lighter This is a small cake shaped lighetr. 44. Nestle Mug Lighter Size: 4.5x6x3.8cm, Color: Red,Black,Yellow.

45.Wrench Lighter Size:9x3cm

46.Shovel Lighter Size:19*7*9cm

47. Walking Tractor Lighter Size:30x10x10cm 48. Waterproof Lighter This match style waterproof lighter can ignite over 10,000 times, which can reserve 2~3 ml gasoline or Zippo oil, 10~20 times for refueling. Fashion and waterproof designing. It is ideal substitute for traditional wooden safety match without wasting timber. 49. Burnt Match This is not a burnt match, which the designer deliberately designed it in this way. It is new match that reminds us to protect the environment. 50. Automatic Dispensing Cigarette Case With Lighter If you want a cool way to keep your smokes from crushing in your pocket, this automatic dispensing cigarette case with lighter is a good choice. When you are ready to light up simply slide the button down and vua-la! The cigarette is automatically dispensed from an opening on the top of the case.

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