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The following pictures show the starfield simulation light. Starry skies can be savored in any room of the house.
Finding the perfect spot is another great way to have fun with your planetarium.
Why not add some starlight to your life? Pefect for the coming valentine’s day!

55 Degrees Water Cup

December 03, 2014


55 degrees Celsius water cup is a fast cooling cup. According the physical cooling principle, when you pour the 100 degrees Celsius water into the cup, tighten the cup lid, and then shake up and down about 1 minutes, the temperature of water will drop down to 55 degrees Celsius. The price is $66.

VOCCA is truly “smart” lighting. This simple Plug & Play Voice Activated Bulb Adapter requires NO Wi-Fi, NO SETUP, NO INSTALLATION.

Anyone can install VOCCA, as it requires no wifi, no hub and no configuration. The regular light switch still works when VOCCA is connected so habits don’t need to change. It’s a product for life as you don’t need to buy a new one when your bulb dies.

  • The VOCCA app allows you to customize your VOCCA Pro, with a built in fail-safe system.
  • Create your very own triggers.
  • Set VOCCA to automatically switch on when you want to wake up, or turn off at bedtime.   
  • Manually control all VOCCA’s’ in your home from your phone. 
  • It’s simple interface allows the VOCCA app to be used by anyone.

Buy it from here

Strong carbon fiber arms lift out of sight, transforming the way you shoot. Get a full, unrestricted 360⁰
view of the world below and create images like never before.

Carbon fiber arms give you the strength to maneuver in the air and they transform, moving out of the camera’s way at the flick of a switch. With a full 360⁰ unobstructed view, you now have the freedom to capture shots independent of the direction you are flying.

Every part, every component of the Inspire 1 was engineered to be durable and lightweight. The body’s aerodynamic design cuts through the sky and further enhances your control over the aircraft. This ensures long flight times and a long operational life.

Shoot up to 4K video and capture 12 megapixel photos with the Inspire 1 camera. The lens consists of 9 elements in 9 groups including an aspherical element producing extreme clarity, while Adobe DNG RAW support gives you the power to make every shot a masterpiece. Everything is better in 4K.

Fly with a friend and share your vision. Achieve shots that never would have been possible alone by using
two remote controllers. One person flies, while the other controls the camera.

A real-time feed from your Inspire 1’s camera is displayed in 720p HD on your mobile device giving you a perfect view of what the camera sees to frame your shots.

This is made possible by an all new and improved version of DJI’s Lightbridge technology which can transmit video from up to 2km away.
For an even greater level of precision, use a second remote controller and fly with a friend. With two operators controlling the same Inspire 1, one person pilots the flight path while the other aims the gimbal and camera.

Each user can have their own screen to see exactly what is being shot in real-time. By working in tandem, you’re capturing shots that are more complex and artistic than ever before.

Indoor flight has always been a true test of skill for all levels of pilots. DJI’s new Optical Flow technology uses a specially designed camera as well as sonic waves to bring simplicity to flying indoors. This technology allows the Inspire to hold its position, stop when the controls are released, and respond to your commands even when GPS is unavailable.  


Fully integrated intelligent battery powers your Inspire 1 and virtually manages itself.

When in flight, your remaining battery power is shown live, letting you know how long you can continue to fly. Advanced algorithms calculate the distance of your aircraft and estimated time to return home, letting you know when it’s time to fly back.

The battery reports the voltage of each cell, the total lifetime charges and discharges, and the overall health and battery status. All this helps you keep your Inspire 1 in the air and flying for years to come.

Everything you need is included and ready to go offering you a complete aerial film making tool in a box. Just add a mobile device or screen for live HD view.

The Internet allows people to stay at home to buy any anything you can imagine, the reason why these things was created  is they meet people’s needs, although some of them looks very weird, we will post a series of articles about those things you can buy online, believe us, they go beyond our imagination.

One-Piece Fake Breasts Cross-Dressing

If you are a man and you want to dress up as a big chest woman, this thing is definitely meet your needs.

Using the LED Candle Lamp to add a nice glow to any room you decide to place it in. It would also make a nice night light for the kitchen and would blend right in.
Lasts over 8 hours on a full charge – use it all night long!

Aluminum Mouse Pad

October 21, 2014


The Aluminum Mouse Pad is the optimal mouse pad for working, gaming, studying, browsing, and more.

The sleek and modern design looks great on any workspace and protects a desktop from scratches.

Made out of aluminum, the ultra-smooth surface of this mouse pad allows for precise mouse control and can withstand heavy use.

This easy open press key-ring is made of stainless steel, are nail savers. Just press/pinch and the leverage opens the end.

Easy to slip the keys on and off when needed, in a very nice packaging.

Retro Smooth Wood Sexy Compact Wireless Speaker System Bluetooth NFC Function For Cellphone
Great design aesthetic, sexy curves. The most compact speaker from SOLO One easily goes where you go
Touch key, slide the adjusting the volume. Detailed wood texture. Wirelessly connects to your Bluetooth device,support NFC link
Exquisite workmanship and perfect sound quality, external and internal beauty
Advanced audio performance delivers a full-range listening experience

Material: zinc alloy, beech, cowhide
Size: 3.0 * 3.5 * 12.6cm
Weight: 46g

Perfume features:
Marine power: Neutral flavor, suitable for men and women. Relieve anxiety, reduce fatigue.
Grapefruit: Grapefruit natural aroma. Antidepressant depression, can boost morale, fresh air.

If you want to switch to a different perfume, beech components can be removed and used water to wash, dry in the sun exposure, then add a new perfume after the original flavor cleared.

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