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Waterproof Shower Clock

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  • AG13 Button Battery, Included
  • Large suction cup on back side of clock gives you assurance that it will stay where you put it.
  • Doesn't matter if water sprays directly on clock.
  • The simple quartz analog technology, makes this clock dependable and long lasting.


Late for work because you're too long in the shower. Not anymore! Easy to attach and never be late again! This attractive quartz timepiece is totally waterproof and it will stick to any smooth surface (glass, tiles, mirrors etc.) with its large rubber suction cup. Waterproof Shower Clocks big bold face makes it easy to see the time even in the steamiest showers. So don't delay order yours to-day!

How to use?
Remove the cup attachment to get the clock to power on.

Tips: Use the hair drier or heating radiator if you feel hard to get out of the suction holder.

1. The clock didn't stick to the wall.
The clock use barometric pressure to stick to the wall, so it didn't work for painting wall or any rough surface that can't produce a vacuum environment. Works well with glass and ceramic tile.

2. The clock don't work or don't keep time.
Replace a new battery(AG13 Button) first, if it still does not work at all, please contact us to get a new one or a new refund.

3. The clock is not mute.
We would like to use mute movement, but we couldn't find one suit for this tiny clock.

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