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3D Printed 360 Cover Relaxing Sky Star Night Light for Bedroom

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Turn your room into a star sky instantly!

Most Products On The Market Can Only Project A Small Area, Our Products Can Project 4 Walls and Ceilings.

Why is the projection area of our products much larger than other products?

Because our projection are manufactured directly by 3D printers, there are nearly 5,000 tiny holes with a diameter of only about 1mm, which is difficult to achieve by traditional plastic injection molding. Thus, the cost of manufacturing with 3D printing technology will be dozens of times higher than that of injection molding.

4 Different Solid Color (White, Yellow, Blue, Green) +5 Brightness Modes +1 Breathing Light Mode

Our lamp feature custom LED lights sources and have been carefully tuned hundreds of times.

Relaxing Light and Shadow Atmosphere

Other products on the market are like TV projectors with colorful pictures, our projectors are like candles, which can create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. If all you want is to just brightly decorate the ceiling or one wall of your room with colorful projected patterns, we suggest you buy other products on the market. Our products are different from them, it can create a soft light that isn't too bright to interfere with sleep, or too dark to cause a child to feel intimidated when they sleep alone. The well-designed random starry sky is very close to the real planetarium in outdoors (most of the other products are regular but not random starry sky). In general, people can easily relax under the natural starry sky. So, our product is a very good relaxation gift.

3D Printing Manufacturing

Using PLA materials instead of plastic, it took a total of 50 hours to print the product shell. It is the first star projector that you can buy on the market using 3D printing. Our products are using 3D printing technology, many people don't know that 3D printing is not a perfect technology yet, the texture of 3D printing is rough and not as smooth as you usually see in plastic products. However, 3D printing also has its advantages. First, our Galaxy Night Light is constructed using a plastic substitute made from fermented plant starch (corn). Second, complex shapes can be created. Our team will be committed to the development of 3d printing technology, develop more creative products, and strive for a better life for mankind!