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UTRA Encrypted USB Flash Drives-Unlock via APP or Morse Code

Posted by Feng Huang on

We are in an era of data storage in cloud, let us easy and fast access to data. However, a variety of data leak events make us have to faced the issue how to protect the security of our privacy data. A encrypted USB flash drives may be a solution. 

UTRA Encrypted USB Flash Drives allows use morse code or APP to unlock. For morse code, set a morse code via app first, then you can click the UTRA with morse code to unlock.

For app unlock, use your social account or cell phone to create an account, then if UTRA and app has bluetooth connection, UTRA unlock automatic, if UTRA and app has not bluetooth connection(you disable bluetooth or you phone far away from UTRA), the app will remind you not to forget the flash disk and UTRA will lock when the setting time coming.

This uses logic gets a perfect balance between usability and data security. Don't need to input an annoying password every time. And don't need to worry about lose your flash disk that people can access your data.



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