' The Lightest Thinnest Ultraportable VR Glass In the World - Dlolo VR G - INFMETRY

The Lightest Thinnest Ultraportable VR Glass In the World - Dlolo VR Glass

World leading technology, Portable design, Powerful function,
Dlolo VR glass will immerse you into the perfect VR world

Only with 120g weight, the sunglasses style design, no external cables connection, Use the ultra-light weight material, Dlodlo V1 now is the thinnest VR glass.

Wide Field-of-View more than 110° - More Immersive, More Present
Contributing to Presence include wide FOV, full immersion, fast and precise tracking, and no visual anomalies. Feeling transported to explore requires 360°VR experience
2K+HD screen resolution, clear crystal image
16: 9 aspect ratio, 2K+ resolution, completely displays screen and the image, but not deformed. Near to 97% natural spectral contact ratio, Color displays as natural as it be.

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Independent DLOS VR ROM OS, Humanized interactive mode

Based on Android 4.4 system to create the DLOS VR ROM, perfectly match Dlodlo VR display and interaction, provide the best UI display, interaction, and open API, we will create a real VR ecosystem.



You private battle, and you personal VR games zoon
Dlodlo VR glass configured the Quad-core processor and the independent graph processor,
which improves the performance and Dlodlo community, has larger resource of VR games,
videos, movies etc, our users will have perfect experience of enjoying Dlodlo VR glass.

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