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Weird Things You Can Buy Online(2) — The Tool of Stop The Noise Come From Upstairs

The Internet allows people to stay at home to buy any anything you can imagine, the reason why these things was created  is they meet people’s needs, although some of them looks very weird, we will post a series of articles about those things you can buy online, believe us, they go beyond our imagination.

It is a vibration motor used in industry with 100W power, generally used for vibration screening. Hold on, we are ready to talk about the tool of stop noise come from upstairs, what is the relationship between the two of them? Well, this industrial vibration motor is the magical and very efficient tool to stop the noise coming from upstairs. How to do it? People bought it and put it mounted on the ceiling, then the ceiling start to vibrate  the same as your cell phone, you can imagine the reaction of the people upstairs. The world becomes quiet immediately, a very good tool that all buyer give five star praise.

The seller said he got a feedback from the buyer about his product has not a plug at all which made the seller feel confused, since it is industrial machinery, the one who bought it should know it needs to wiring themself. Then the buyer told him the reason why he use this vibrator. The people live onstairs made lots of nosie made him crazy, finally he come up this idea to fight back.

The customer action shot


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