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China Huaqiangbei Fake Apple Watch Review

As everyone knows, apple watches will officially released in April this year. We also see from the media that fake apple watch is already listed on the market of Huaqiangbei China. After we know the news, we bought one to review, yes, it is the one you see in the picture.

There are four colors for choose, black, white, orange, brown, as shown in the picture below. Price is 238 RMB, about 38 dollars, only one nine price of the original apple watch, but is it worth the price? Read the following review you will probably have your own answer.

First of all, we starting up according to the manual, all seems normal, below is app list page after booting.

For android system: Support Pedometer, Bluetooth, Dialer, the Phonebook,
For IOS does not support: Messaging and Camera.

Then, we download the official app, try to use mobile phone bluetooth to connect with watch. It is strange that our mobile phone did not find the watch, even click on matching in the mobile bluetooth setting. After tried several times, we gave up the bluetooth connection. Okay, now only left those function which do not need to connect with the mobile phone. First is a pedometer, take some walk with the watch, we can see pedometer can work, also quite accurate.

The last to test is the alarm clock, it also have nothing to say, can only say that it can be normally used.

Conclusion: in addition to the touch of the display page of time mode is not very sensitive, other pages has good touch feeling and good speed, this seems unexpected. Seller claimed that the watch can support 7 days standby, but because time limit we don’t have enough time to test, and the watch itself don’t have a view of battery option. Said along while also didn’t talk about the screen performance, in a word, it is almost the same as the color screen mobile phone which come out at the earliest.

We will continue to test the watch to see its long-term performance, finally we will take apart the watch and see its real cost. Of course, we are not professional in this field, if someone want to review this watch, you can contact with us, you only need to pay the freight, about 20 dollars.

Visit more pictures of this watch.

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