' Paravelo Bike - INFMETRY

Paravelo Bike

1. Ride
Use the bicycle on its own as you would any other bike. Fold it up to store or carry on the bus,

train or metro.

2. Tow
Hitch the air frame trailer to the bike and you’re ready for expedition, flight and adventure. Designed

to carry the powerful motor, the air frame trailer also houses the wing, fuel and any additional supplies

you’ll need.

3. Fly
The bike docks with its air frame trailer to form a para-trike configuration for optimum expedition

autonomy. In this set-up you can carry all the equipment you need to ride, fly and camp. Alternati

-vely, detach the bike and air frame trailer and wear the powerful fan on your back for a foot launch.

This set-up gives improved performance in the air and allows for take off in higher and changeable wind

conditions. In most territories, no licence required to fly in this configuration~

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