Light Saber Knitting Needles

The materials needed for this project include a 3/8″ Lucite rod, several key-chain LED flashlights,

a red LED, a green LED, 2 X 10 Ohm resistor, heat shrink tubing,120 sand paper, a Scotch-Brite

pad, and a 10 Ohm resistor. It can’t be a terribly difficult project, as Random Canadian said ano

-ther smaller set of needles were also made.

“The cyano glue makes the cut ends optically pure when the plastic bits are joined, as long as

there are not big tool marks… I found this out on a previous project. saves quite a bit of time by

not having to polish the ends.”

So the next time you find yourself battling the dark side of the yarn, or you just want to knit in

the dark, whip up a set of these babies for all your nerd knitting needs!

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