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How to change your gloves into touchscreen gloves?

In winter we need to wear gloves as the weather is very cold. But wearing gloves will bring us into trouble – we may find it hard to deal with our touch-screen cellphone with our normal gloves. To solve this problem, someone has invented the touchscreen gloves, but these gloves seems too monotonous both in the style and color. So now, we need someone to stand up and tell you, how to turn your ordinary gloves into touchscreen gloves with only few money and easy DIY.

The entire process is very simple, only takes 4 steps:

1, order electrically conducting yarn . In general it is difficult to find in the shops, but easy to buy online.

2, choose a pair of gloves to modify. If it is leather gloves, probably you may need a special leather needle, If it is normal one

you just need a normal large needle.

3, sew the electrically conducting yarn to fingertip of the gloves, let it cross as the picture. You can also use your own method,

the purpose is to enable it to fully touch with the touch screen.

4, tie a knot, take out your phone and make a try.

If you feel headache about the needlework, just hand it to your woman!

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