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8 Unique and Novelty Tissue Box

Dislike your monotonous tissue box? Why not choose some unique and novelty tissue box to decorate it. Now I will introduce you 8 creative tissue box,I believe you will get a beautiful one tissue box for your room.

1. Smiley Face Tissue Box
Size: 170x130x155mm
Color: Grey,Pink,Blue,Yellow,Green

2. Toothpaste Tube Style Tissue Box

A newly emerging kind of tissue dispenser was designed in a toothpaste tube to use the standard rolls of toilet tissue we all have in our homes. With a cartoon pattern and colorful character inlaying it makes sure they won’t look out of place in a lounge, bedroom or kitchen.

This holder is also waterproof and can be used in a bathroom or kitchen. You can hang it onto the wall with the string in the tissue holder (roll paper box).

3. Canvas Tissue Box


4. Octopus Tissue Box

5. Screw Tissue Boxes
Size: 16.5×16.5x14cm
Color: Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, White

6. Paper Pot
No need to worry, such a stunning “bomb” not only takes your breath away but gives you more shocks as well. The life-like look of the tissue tube is both innovative and pragmatic; never could anyone have imagined putting a “bomb” in one’s home! Well, it is there to remind you of the danger in a safe environment.

7. Old Newspapers Tissue Box


8. Cow Tissue Box
Size: 18*13cm

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