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Bomb Clock

For some people, there’s nothing worse than having to wake up in the morning, crawling out from beneath a nest of warm covers into the cold atmosphere generated by an air conditioner or inclement weather. These dreadful first few moments of the day are often further exacerbated by the annoying clang of an alarm clock—which most people slam their fist down onto in a half-awake state.

Now, if you want that annoying noise to stop, you’re going to have to defuse the bomb on your bedside table. Well, the bomb isn’t really a bomb but it’s just an alarm clock designed to look like a bomb, complete with sticks of dynamite and colored wires.

When the unite first goes off in the morning, the sleeper will have a few second to determine which wire needs to be pulled before the “bomb” really starts to “go off”, simply meaning the obnoxious alarm clock noise will get louder until you rip all the wires out in one deft move of frustration.

While the creators of this novelty item seem rather impressed with themselves, they want users to be responsible with their alarm clock purchases, leaving them at home so they don’t spark mass chaos in the streets.

It is this naive assumption that people will listen to such advice that will make this invention relatively short lived—if it’s even still available after this article.

It’s only going to take one person who feels it would make a good practical joke to strap one of these items to the belly of a bus or a car for the product to disappear off store shelves. Such temptation would likely take people days or a week to try, and the company will ultimately be liable for marketing such a foolish design.

The alarm clock “bomb” will likely be responsible for hundreds of early school days as children and teenagers across the globe figure out how to strike fear into the hearts of adults. One alarm clock “bomb” in the boys’ bathroom is all it’s going to take.

The idea of forcing people to think about turning off their alarm clock isn’t a bad one, despite the invention’s silly design. That sleepy stupor many people find themselves in before they head off to work or school can be lessened if they must engage in some form of mental exercise before even lifting their heads from the pillow.

An alarm clock which changes its turn-off method day to day, as the “bomb” clock does, would make people think a little more before rolling over and falling asleep for those elusive “ten more minutes”.

Overall, the alarm clock “bomb” is a good idea with a poor execution, though now that the design is on the market, it won’t take people much to start replicating it. Take a few wooden dowels, wrap them in plain brown paper, strap on a simple clock and there you have it: the alarm clock “bomb”.

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