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This is for all you neat freaks

A week or so ago I made an impulse buy.No never!  My package arrived a couple of days ago and I’m absolutely thrilled.  A actually can’t remember where I came across these.  I have a feeling that it was on pinterest. Wherever it was, I saw them and immediately gave away my money.  I just thought it was such a brilliant idea. And at a total cost of $5 including postage, who could blame me?

Interestingly enough they arrived just after I’d completed a major overhaul of my bedroom abode.

Despite the fact that my bedroom has become a temporary home for our stock, it was no longer an excuse fo the disaster zone that my room had become.

One of my briggest gripes during the cleanup were the tangled cords next to my bed.

 The straightener, iphone charger and electric blanket (I live in Melbourne okay) were all wound around each other like a spider web gone wrong.

So you can guess how excited I was when these little suckers arrived in the mail.  I immediately pulled them from their packet and stuck them all around the room.

I’ve currently got one stuck to the edge of my bed and the other sits on the opposite bedside table.

That way my boyfriend and I can both neatly stash our iphone chargers without worrying about the cord sliding away from reach (and potential getting lose amung the rubble).

Earlier I mentioned a number of devices that required detanglement.

These clips are not only designed to hold iphone cables, far from it.  You can wedge just about anything into the flexible rubber opening.

They also come in fun colours.  A set of these bright pink, yellow and green clips will not only keep things neat but ensure that your sleeping in style.

So if you want to get your hands on some of these beauties head over to Infemetry.com.and make the first step to a tidy, stylish and organised home.  You won’t regret it..

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January 21, 2016

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