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Quirky Mantis-Let There Be Light

et there be light! Mantis is a versatile clip-on task lamp that brightens your workspace, with minimal interference to your surroundings.

Battery-operated and portable, it’s perfect for shining a light on your keyboard, bookshelf, worktable, or any other dark spot.

Plus, it kinda looks like a rocket ship. Beat that for awesome.

Mantis includes two parts: a lamp and a clip.

- Functions either within the clip, or free-standing.
- Two light settings: press once for high light and twice for low light.
- 11 bright LEDs provide illumination.
- Two flip-out legs let Mantis stand up on any flat surface.
- Rubberized end pieces prevent slipping.
- Two AA batteries provide approximately 30 hours of light.
- Automatically shuts off after two hours of use.


- Allows light to rotate, so you can shine Mantis in any direction
- Soft, non-slip pads for extra grip.
- 2.5″ wide clamp allows attachment to most monitors, laptops, shelves, or tabletops.

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