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Quirky Shower Station – Organize + Customize

Everyone has different shower habits, and different stuff to go with those habits. That’s why we created Shower Station, a stylish modular shower storage solution with detachable components so you can organize all the bath accessories you use.

Shower Station consists of a rectangular metal frame with a dual chrome/brushed metal finish and four detachable shelves designed to hold any size bottle or bar soap. Each shelf also includes a removable silicone insert, with perforations to securely hold toothbrushes and razors upright.



- A rust-proof metal frame, with an inner chrome finish and an outer brushed metal finish.

- Four sets of shelves, each containing a rust-proof wire frame shelf, removable silicone insert, and plastic clip for attaching to the frame.

- Hangs from your shower head — no installation necessary!

- Bottom suction cup, so your Shower Station attaches firmly to the wall without sliding around. Suction cup also includes two hooks for holding loofahs and bath poofs.

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