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Quirky Mercado-Protect Your Produce

Scientist and San Francisco foodie, Darya Pino, loves buying fresh produce at her local farmer’s market. What she doesn’t love is getting home and discovering that half of her goods are damaged. We teamed up with Darya and her blog, Summer Tomato, to build a better farmer’s market bag.

Now you can shop without dropping. Mercado is the ultimate farmer’s market bag, with pockets to protect delicate fruits and veggies, loops to hold bottles in place, and compartments to keep everything organized. A wide adjustable strap lets you choose the right length for carrying, so that you’re as comfortable as your produce!

-4 small interior pockets for delicates (tomatoes, pears, etc.)
-2 medium interior compartments 
-1 large interior compartment with 2 elastic loops to hold bottles in place
-2 small exterior pockets for quick access items (cash, keys, etc.)
-Wide adjustable cotton strap to keep you comfortable

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