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How to spend $ 22 to create a romantic room?

The lovers always racking their brains to think about a problem, how to create a romantic surprise for his or her lover. Now,I will teach you a method you’ve never heard of that it is only spend $22 to get a starfield simulation light, this product will be instantly turn the bedroom wall and ceiling into a beautiful starry sky, sounds cool isn’t it. Here is what I am doing, I bought a DIY Romantic Star Projector  from infmetry.com, take one hour to assemble it, turn on the power and adjust the angle of this projector, then I closed the curtain ,shut the door(because the lamp power is small, keep it in a dark room to get a better effect) and wait for my girlfriend to come back. When my girlfriend came into the bedroom and see the stars on the wall and ceiling, she was surprised by this atmosphere, the space of room was like a house on prairie without roof, especially when she know this lamp was hand assembly myself. Play a romantic love song, enjoy the wonderful moment.

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