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21 Creative and Beautiful Nightlight

Dislike your monotonous room? Why not choose some creative and beautiful nightlight to decorate it. Now I will introduce you 21 creative nightlight,I believe you will get a beautiful one for your room.

1. Ice Crystal Cube
It’s white when it’s not open, when it’s open the color changes and flashes, can be used for 12 hours, made of durable plastic, Waterproof and can float on water. This product creates a warm ambiance without flame, wax smoke or mess to clean.

2. Cute Del Key Night Light
Deck out your living room with the key light to make things more interesting, Turn on and off by pressing the key to provide the soft, ambient lighting.

3. Fried Eggs Style Lamp

It is a lamp not a fried egg, the egg yolk is the power switch, press it and the lamp will light up.

4. DIY Block Colorful Light Desk Lamp

This DIY block colorful light desk lamp comes in a kit to let you design your own shapes. It is made from a durable plastic that still allows for the same sort of play and snap building that we never tire of. Through well-designed lamp housing so that light rays refraction and scatter in a more gentle way to your room infected with the warm colors.

5. Huggable Glowing Heart-Shaped Throw Pillow
You may not be there every single night for your loved ones to hold on to, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t hug something warm when you’re not around. This heart-shaped pillow glows in a warm yellow/pink/blue/seven color. It’s a great Valentine’s gift designed to hang on to whenever they need to feel your love close to their own hearts.

6. LED Pudding Light
It is not only beautiful but also has a very gentle color, deep in an increasingly cold night, put it on the bedside light, push the button and it will dialogue with your gentle soul, with you into sweet dreams!

7. LED Milk Light
Using the LED milk light to add a nice glow to any room you decide to place it in. It would also make a nice night light for the kitchen and would blend right in.

8. Mini LED Sucker Light
It avoids the traditional design and makes a night lamp with a sucker as lamp holder because of the inspiration of sucker. It has three parts which are a round LED light, a soft rubber with a sucker and three fastener batteries. The soft rubber can be easily curved as your wish. It’s tiny and soft stature decides it not only is easy to carry, but also can be put on a desk, on a wall, even on the computer screen. As long as there is a soft place, it can be griped on the place and gives off the wonderful shine in your life.

9. Avatar Mushroom Colorful Night Light
This is a natural and beautiful night light and its design inspiration comes from Avatar. It can be a nice house plant decor at home and office, or also the best gift for your friends. Light will automatically adjust brightness to meet with the environment.

10. Pot Solar Night Light Plant
It has many other names such as solar desktop lamp, eco lamp, unplug lamp and so on. The simple and fashion solar light absorbs the solar in the day and is a lamp in night which is fresh, natural and creative.

11. PaPa LED Lamp with Suction Cup 
Insert the plug into a socket or connect directly to a USB cable into a computer. Press the top of light once which is the first gear, and then press again, it is the second gear, after your third press, it will be off. The base will be adsorbed after screwing the vacuum adjusting while placing the sucker onto a smooth surface.

12. Invader Table Lamp
The inspiration of this lamp is from the movie named War of the World directed by Spielberg. As per its name, let the three legged lamp invade your table. It is made of 5mm basswood board with E0 grade which is safe and environmental and certificated by CARB in America. The size can be adjusted from 25cm to 40cm and the weight is only 1.688kg.  

13. Motion Sensor LED Night Light
Here is a useful gadget for lighting up the dark. Not the same as ordinary sensors light, this one has a photoreceptor and inductor at the same time. All of these two sensors can help each other to save the electricity through the different control span. The light will light up for 20 seconds after you close it.

14. Sea Lion Night Light 
The super character is the smart sensor of skin and water through the conductor at the bottom of the light. Therefore, it is waterproof. When the conductors get in touch with the skin or water, seven color shining lights will blink. It is made from soft glue which is a light, cavity material when you press down. It can be taken along as a bag pendant or a night light. If you have a baby, he will like bathing if you put the lovely sea lion in the water. The built-in battery cannot be placed but can be charged in the water to elongate the life span to two years. When you take it out of the water, clean the water to the best of your abilities to elongation the life span.

15. Rabbit Night Light Grass Pot
It has four components which are a silica gel moonlight rabbit with waterproof design, a ceramic pot, a bag of nutrition soil and natural grass seed. This cute and unique night light is easy to DIY. Put the rabbit and some nutrition soil in the pot and flat the soil, and then place the seed and the rest of soil. The night light is ok. But, you need another week to get the green grass after watering day by day. It is controlled automatically and has a light sensor. The rabbit will turn on when the dark comes. The new LED technology makes it save electricity. There are three optional types which are male, female and lovers’ rabbit.

16. Ghost USB Hub Light
here are three modes which are high light mode, breathing light mode which is from bright to dark again from dark to become bright and turn off the light. According to the breathing frequency design it helps to regulate breathing by making it comfortable like having a person breathing together with you. The LED light will keep on and off gradually like our breath to create a relaxing environment.

17. LivingColors Changing LED Bulb with Remote
The LivingColors Generation Changing LED Bulb is a revolution in decorative lighting. Featuring a spectrum of 16 colors to choose from, the lamp places you in direct control of your room’s ambiance. Simply select a color on the remote, and the lamp will instantly bathe your room in light that reflects your personal style.

18. Screw Style Desk Lamp

19. Infusion Bag Style LED Lamp
The water in the PVC bag softens the LED beam of light inside to create a subdued ambient light sourse.

20. Push Pin LED Light
Petite colorful pin light perfect as interior light. Push the head to turn the light ON/OFF. Ambient light on the bed side, assistant light for shoe case and closet…plenty of ways to use!! This light will make your room bright and stylish. Two LR41 button batteries are used.

21. Seed of The Sacred Tree-USB LED Light
Derived from the inspiration of the seeds of the sacred trees in Avatar, the eidolon of lighting-seed of the sacred tree night light is born complying with the ethereal fairyland in Pandora planet. It is always uniqure adorable creativity anywhere you want in daytime while sending forth colorful radiant light at night that lead you to enjoy the beautiful new vision of Avatar.

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