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Charge Battery

Charge Battery is a great solution when you travel a lot with your gadgets by your side. There are times where we have to recharge our rechargeable battery in a workplace or away from home, but we forget to carry the charger, what a bummer! If we had charge battery, we could transform mechanical energy into electrical energy for recharging, even without a power source.

This concept offers an alternative solution where you don’t need to carry your battery charger or have to purchase a new battery. You can create mechanical energy from the winding of an internal spring which later charges the battery on-to-go via its winding motion. In fact, you might enjoy the process. Remember about you childhood memories where you play with wind-up toys?Charge Battery utilizes the similar principle. The battery casing has been designed in two parts where one part contains a spiral spring and generator, the other part contains a rechargeable battery.

Designers : Hwang Yeon Gyeong, Kang Myeong Ho, Choe Jeong Ju and Jin Jun Ho

[ via yankodesign.com ]

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