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Car Seat Identification

New method is put forward here to keep your cars away from theft, and it’s the Car Seat Identification technology developed by Japanese researchers.

Retrofitted with 360 different sensors to take into account information like your weight, the highest value of pressure on the seat and the way you contact with the seat, the seat can identify drivers while they’re sitting down, so as to judge whether or not the person sitting on it is the owner of the car. Only after the seat has assured you’re the owner, you can then start the car to move; if not, the car won’t be started at all. Even though the researchers claim the seat is able to accurately identify the person sitting in it 98 percent of the time, there’s still possibility that the owner won’t be allowed to use the car, which may result in inconvenience to us. Thus, to make the seat widely-used in the future, the researchers need to further develop it, taking other information like how the seat should deal with weight loss and car borrowing into account too.

Designer: Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology


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