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Easy Macro Cell Lens Band

Shockingly detailed phone shots at the snap of a band! An easy on/easy off macro lens for your cell phone! We thought that all rubber bands were good for was launching at your co-workers and making unnecessarily large balls. Then we discovered the Macro Cell Lens Band: a sturdy band with a built-in macro lens that works with any any mobile phone! This lens will transform your cell phone photos from meh to awesome by giving you stunningly sharp details. See the curious detail of your own eye, get a close-up of the sprinkles on your ice cream cone or see what an ant’s face really looks like! Keep it around a card in your wallet or on your wrist for easy access. The band slides onto your phone in an instant, so you won’t miss any more shots fumbling for a lens! Just don’t try launching this band. No one likes a camera lens flying through the air!

[ via photojojo.com ]

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