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Keyboard Coffee Cups

E square meters in Shanghai designer recently launched a set of computer Cup Set~~ Keyboard Coffee Cups, inspired by the Apple computer keyboard, for business meetings and family gatherings to bring effective frequently encountered awkward an interesting solution. We always gathered a group of people in the place of encounter this problem, put the cup so readily think of a pick up drinking, cups torn mixed with the other can not identify, embarrassment  I can only choose to give up. And this computer from the E square glass package, the appearance looks no different, but the details are hidden in the bottom of the cup, the identity of the computer keyboard here, the owner can easily recognize each cup your cup, and At first glance, but also to maintain the visual unity, suitable for use in a variety of occasions, when they served its purpose, the storage of the cup upside down, looking just like a large keyboard, quite new. Now that’s start enjoying the coffee, you are 1, I am 2~, or may I change the number?… [ via af860.com ]

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