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Ceramic Peeler

Posted by Feng Huang on

This ceramic peeler are made of a revolutionary, high-tech ceramic called Zircnoium Oxide that is 50% harder than steel. The exterme hardness, superior corrosion resistance, chemically inert, and naturally non-stick surface are the main property highlights of ceramic knife blades. In your kitchen these properties relate to a long lasting sharp edge (stays sharp 10 times longer that steel) that will never rust or stain. Ceramic blades are far more hygenic than metal โ€“ they will not react with your fresh food (will not turn food brown like metal knives) or alter the taste by depositing metal ions. Because Ceramic Zirconia is second in hardness only to diamonds, they will retain their edge for thousands of cuts. Unlike traditional steel cutlery, ceramic knives typically do not need sharpening


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