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Quirky Tumbler Toothbrush Stand

Posted by Feng Huang on

The quirky tumler toothbrush stand called Bobble Brush turns your toothbrush into a wobbling “weeble”. No more sink-top germs on your bristles; this weighted structure keeps your toothbrush upright, bobbing, and grime-free. Plastic, friction-fitted toothbrush insert slot at the top of the structure fits most standard, non-electronic brushes. Rubberized, weighted base keeps the Bobble Brush from sliding off a wet sink or tight bathroom surface. Bobble’s top and mid sections can be unscrewed and detached for easy cleaning. Select your favorite Bobble color from one of three: pink, blue, or grey. Or buy ‘em all for the whole family! Price:12.99 Buy it from here


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