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New XAircraft X650 Value-4 Value-8 QuadCopter

Posted by Feng Huang on

Latest news, XAircraft X650 Value-4 or Value-8 (hereinafter referred to as: “X650 V4″ and “X650 V8″) has come into the trial production stage. If everything goes well, expect it will be released at the end of June. X650 V4 is 4 motor version, X650 V8 is 8 motor version. Both use the same frame, only different in motor numbers. Of course, the load capacity is also different, X650 V8 will have more load capacity, and X650 V4 have a longer flight time.

 X650 V4 and X450 V4 will continue to use XAircraft FC1212-S and AHRS-S flight control systems, electronics are compatible with previous generation X650C/G. For power, X650 Value version features the new brushless power system, the overall efficiency will be significantly improved, which means that customers only need to replace the new frame and the new brushless motor to upgrade to the latest version and save upgrade cost. In short, X650 V4(V8) will be more emphasis on aerial photography applications, the X450 V4 will be more emphasis on the FPV and as a training machine.

Moreover, the location of ESC is placed to the point close propellers, good for heat dissipation and enhance flight stability. Different with previous generation X650C/G, X650 Value no longer use 4 in 1 ESC, but use split ESC, even one ESC broke down, the others can work well. X650 V4(V8)’s frame is a folding design,can easily carry by case, greatly improve the portability. X650 V4(V8)’s frame is compatible with X4、X6、X8 motor structure. Each power point can be installed two brushless motor(up and down). Improved tripod with more compact and light weight. X650 V4(V8) using the latest Biaxial Camera Mount(Yes, the same one you know a long time ago) which is also compatible with the old version of X650C/G. The location of the battery can be adjusted so that the focus can be easily adjusted to meet the weights of different cameras. X450 V4 will become more robust with new integrated high-strength plastic frame.


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