DIY Romantic Star Projector

1.Pull out the lead wires from the bulb socket and set the socket in the shaft B. Pay attention not to mistake the shaft A for the shaft B.

2.Cover the shaft B with the shaft A and screw at two points. Be sure to pull out the lead wires from the concavity.

3.Put the shaft between the column A and the columnB and then insert the bolt, put the nut knob and then the nut and screw these on.

4.Paste latitude sticker on column A.

5.Put on the time sticker so that the 18 line comes on the triangle mark. Then put the left part around first and the right part around next, and finally cut it at the dotted line to join.

6.Put the month sticker on the base. Bring the triangle mark at the 3 on the month sticker to the notch at the projecting ring of the base. Then, put the left part around first and the ringht part around next, and finally cut it at the dotted line to join likewise.

7.Insert the switch in the switch.

8.Attach the parts to the base in order.

9.Fasten the switch catch with a screw and then fasten the slide switch with screws with collar. 10.Attach the battery stopper with screws with collar.

11.Set the pedestal assembled on the base.

12.Turn over the base and fasten the pedestal with screws with collar.

13.Connect the plug of the bulb socket to the receptacle of the slide switch.

15.Screw the light bulb in the socket. 16.Fold the boundary lines around the pentagons of the stellar sheets a couple of times to make creases.

17.Put both side adhesive tapes on the slippy side.

18.Set the globe base in the stellar globe.

19.Set the assembled stellar globe on the pedestal.

20.That is it.

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