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Quirky Future Style Snow Sleds

The quirky snow sled has a steering wheel up front lets you take control of your ride, while three adjustable steering wheel heights allow you to cruise in comfort. With a extra handles located in the back of the sled for the backseat sledder to hold onto, it can get scary back there! The handle are retractable that makes it easy to carry the sled uphill for your next ride. And for fun night sledding, there is a headlight in the front of the sled with an easy on-off button. Get ready for some thrills and chills this winter, comfortably fitting two kids, aged six and up, in its roomy seating area…. it’s time to bring on the hills with Quirky’s new Snow Sleds. Its over-all dimensions are 60in x 21in x 12in, and its seating area measures 39in x 17in x 6in. Price:67 Presale from here

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