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Quirky Cable Caps Help Organize Your USB Cables

The quirky Cable Caps are designed to help protect, organize, and add flair to your USB cables. The “head” of each Cable Cap is a funky, unique character with a built-in slot to receive a standard-sized USB cable. Its “body” is a stretchable band that can be used to tie up the actual cord. With a Cable Cap around it, your cable is tightly, compactly secured. There are six Cable Cap characters, sold in sets of three, for you to collect: Printer Man, Phone Dude, Camera Gal, Eye Baller, Egg Man, and ‘Da Bulb. Give each of your USB cables a different character for easy identification and cord management that you’ll never have to fumble around with unidentified, knotted cords again! Price:7.99 Presale from here

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