Quirky DIY Yogurt Culture Cylinder

If you love to culture yogurt yourself you may realized that it needs too much money on mass-produced. There is a non-electric yogurt cylinder designed specifically to help users through the key steps of at-home yogurt production: The cylinder can produce about a half gallon of homemade yogurt with insulated, double-walled, stainless steel cylinder keeps your milk and culture at an optimal temperature for the entire incubation period. It also included a rubber colander that allows you to easily filter the whey created during your yogurt’s incubation period. The colander attaches to both the top and bottom of the cylinder, with curved feet that extend downward to provide a space where the whey can run out of the container into a sink or bowl. Order include a “How To Get Cultured” instruction manual, and a book with more than 50 yogurt recipes. Perfect for storing and refrigerating your home-made yogurt until you’re ready to enjoy it. Price:56 Buy it from here

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