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Quirky Qubicles Build Your Shelf

The Quirkys Qubicles are components of a modular shelving system, great for storing your favorite books, photo frames, collectables, and more. Each cube measures 10in x 10in x 6in, stick to one color family, or mix and match depending on your creativity. Once you install the bracket system for the first time, you can put up and take down your Qubicle cubes at any time without having to take out the tools again. Customize your layout and arrange and re-arrange your cubes whenever you’d like! Qubicles are sold in sets of three cubes, but buy as many sets as you like to create your own unique setup. Each set comes with an easy-to-follow assembly instruction manual, a lightweight steel bracket system, and screws. Screwdriver not included. Price:32 Presale from here

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