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Quirky Snowman Frosty Faces Ice Mold

Winter are coming, it is the right time to make snowmen with your family! And the quirky snowman frosty faces ice mold let you and your kids add funky flair to traditional snowmen. Just fill the mold with water, freeze it, then remove this new accessory and stick it on your snowman. But snowman frosty faces aren’t just for water, or winter! Fill them with snow for a quicker mold, or use sand in the summertime. You can also add food dye to create more colorful accessories. Each mold is made of hard ABS plastic, with sturdy sides that ensure an easy release and allow the molds to stand in freezers and on flat surfaces. Snowman Frosty Faces come in three different theme packs, each of which comes with eyes, a nose, and mouth. There’s Bucktooth ‘Boarder, with goggles, a moustached nose, and a bucktoothed smile; The Frostbiter, with crazy eyes, an Edward Cullen-esque nose, and fanged teeth; and Sassy Snowbelle, with flirty eyes, a button nose, and luscious lips. Price:25 Presale from here

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