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Quirky Weigh To Go: Luggage Tag Doubled As Digital Scale & Lock

Posted by Feng Huang on

Tired of overweight baggage fees? With Weigh To Go, you can know before you stow! Weigh To Go is a multi-functional travel accessory whose compact form packs a digital scale, identification tag, and built-in lock to prevent theft. Simply lift the suitcase for 5 seconds and place it on the floor of the luggage weight will appear in the display and you will avoid problems Over Weight at the airport. To shut the unit off, press power button again or wait 45 seconds and it will power off automatically. Weigh To Go can also serve as ID Tag that is, as the identity of a suitcase that contains the name, address and phone number and also serves a safety lock on the suitcase. Made of a high gloss ABS plastic shell with a rubber bumper surrounding the exterior for protection while in transit. It has a steel carabiner with a built-in combination lock to prevent theft of the unit itself (not to lock your luggage). The combination can be reset by the user. Powered by batteries. Price:33 Presale from here

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