Quirky Twice Ice Bucket-Keep Things Chill Without the Spill

The different between quirky twice with general ice bucket is it has a strainer that allows water to drain from the ice and giving you an ideal place to either place your bottle of wine or grab a couple ice cubes for your drink. Two chambers constructed of rigid frosted plastic, with brushed metal end caps for a water-tight seal. Two-third gallon capacity on the larger chamber, half gallon capacity on the smaller chamber. Water drains from ice through the interior strainer, keeping the ice fresh and easily accessible. Includes ice tongs with a built-in bottle opener. The entire unit measures 10.35 inches tall. The half gallon bucket measures 6 inches in diameter, while the two-third gallon bucket measures 7.75 inches in diameter. The dual-chamber design With Twice, you can chill your beverage your way. Price:$55 Buy it from here

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