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Quirky Tilt-iPhone 4 Bumper Case with Props

The Quirky Tilt is a funky new bumper-style case and stand that protects your phone in style, while offering cool details to boot. Designed with the ability to prop the phone on a surface either upright or in landscape mode to take advantage of the new phone’s FaceTime feature and retina display. The Tilt will come in either a purple-and-white color combo or boring black and is listed for $28. With a price point that matches Apple’s Consumer Reports-approved Bumper case, one can’t help but wonder if it amends the phone’s reception issue as well. Features:
  • Protects the sensitive sides and edges of your iPhone.
  • Modern cut-out design.
  • Durable plastic body, with soft rubber front face.
  • Faceted, easy-to-grip sides, pinched in for easy horizontal cord wrapping.Easy-to-use stand function: bottom portion of the case hinges back and snaps at 90 degrees to hold your phone in landscape and portrait modes – perfect for watching media or using the new FaceTime feature!
  • Available in classic black and a fun white/purple combo.
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