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Quirky Waffler Allow You to Create Cup-Shaped “Waffle Shots”

Like cooking? The Quirky Waffler will be the best tool for you. It allows you to create cup-shaped “waffle shots” for $68, opening a whole new world of waffle possibilities. Serve your waffles with heaping servings of fruit, mounds of whip cream, or a sea of syrup. Waffler’s specially designed waffle mold plates includes two sets: traditional Belgian style and Quirky’s special waffle shot design. Each mold plate includes a canal to prevent spillover and keep your Waffler clean. Compact unit can stand up vertically to be stored away in a cabinet when not in use. The power cord located in the rear of the unit can be wrapped and stored in the Waffler’s base. Adjustable timer with four presets for perfectly cooked waffles. When the bell dings, they’re done! Measures approximately 12″ x 9″ x 4″. Belgian waffles are 4″ x 3″, while waffle shots measure 3″ across by 2″ high. Buy it from here

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