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Quriky Keiro Food Grinder Easy For Composting

The quriky Keiro is a compact food grinder that makes composting kitchen scraps a snap for $79. Just throw in your compostable food waste in it, turn the hand crank, and this Keiro will churn out scraps that are the optimum size for composting. Its casing fabricated from sustainably-produced BioResin with soft-touch crank handle. Dishwasher-safe stainless steel grinder mechanism work with safety clutch mechanism for disengaging the grinder from the crank handle. Underside of lid is shaped to push food into the grinder. Top cabinet clicks into compost collecting vessel for a secure fit. Replaceable filter system, for killing smells. Fits 2-gallon “BioBag” composting bags. Convenient size for kitchen counters, cupboards, and floors. Overall dimensions: W 9.8″ x D 6″ x H 13.75″. Buy it from here

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