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Quirky Go Caddy Versatile Rolling Cart

The Quirky Go Caddy isn’t your granny’s cart, it is a versatile rolling cart along with an updated modern design and tons of functionality that’s perfect for toting around groceries, laundry, and more! Made of Lightweight aluminum, the Go Caddy’s oversized rubber wheels improved navigation around most obstacles, including stairs, curbs and ramps. Height-adjustable handle, fully collapsible for easy storage, expandable nylon bag, with reflector side panels for added safety in transit. It can be used for multiple purposes in different modes:
  • Full bag: Bag fully expanded, perfect for laundry.
  • Half’n half: Bag zipped halfway, hand cart loading tray exposed for carting big box items (great for shopping!).
  • Hand truck: Bag stowed.
  • Collapsed, for easy storage.
Estimated dimensions: Overall: height: 36″ – 46″ (handle height adjustable by 10″), width: 14.5″, depth: 19″ Collapsed dimensions (for storage): height: 36″, width: 14.5″, depth: 7.5″ Bag dimensions (fully expanded): height: 26″, width: 11″, depth: 15.5″, volume: 4296 cubic inches Bag dimensions (half expanded): height: 15″, width: 11″, depth: 15.5″, volume: 2537 cubic inches Wheel diameter 7.5″ Price:60 Buy it from here

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