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Quirky Cloak-iPad Case and 3-Position Stand

The iPad case is a sleek, sturdy case that doubles as a convenient, versatile stand! Just insert your iPad, pop it into the front of the case. With this quirky cloak you can finally take your iPad out of your lap and use it comfortably and safely in any situation. For example, for portrait: Fold the Cloak’s front cover behind your iPad and use the larger plastic support brace located on the product’s inside cover to prop up the screen vertically. For typing:Flip out the smaller plastic support brace on Cloak’s inside cover to prop up your iPad screen at a low landscape angle, ideal for typing. For Landscape: Open Cloak’s front cover and use it to prop up your iPad screen from behind. The screen can be positioned in different angles using a friction-fit folding mechanism. For on the go:The Cloak is constructed from sturdy non-slip silicone, with durable plastic on the hinge mechanisms. The hard front cover protects your iPad screen from damage while you’re on the move. Features:
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 0.77in x 7.97in x 9.72in
  • Colors: black, pink, blue, and green.
  • Price:54.99
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