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Quirky Modular Switch-Customize Your Qwn Swiss Army Knife

The Switch is a cross between a Swiss Army-style knife with 18 different attachments so you can mix and match your most frequently used tools. Customize your Switch’s width by swapping out the inner axles, or group your tools into different “themes” – home, office, outdoors, etc. The Switch set includes:
  • Two exterior body covers, for encasing the tool attachments.
  • Two slotted caps to hold the tool together, which can be removed with the twist of a quarter to disassemble the unit.
  • Three interior axle assemblies – small (2-6 tools), medium (4-10 tools), and large (7-13 tools) — which can be swapped in and out depending on your desired tool width.
  • 18 tool attachments: Standard Knife, Pliers, Scissors, Nail File, Tweezers, Thin Flathead Screwdriver, Phillips-Head Screwdriver, Eyeglass Phillips-Head Screwdriver, Eyeglass Flathead Screwdriver, Wood Saw, Serrated Blade, Corkscrew, Combination Bottle Opener/Flathead Screwdriver, Combination Can Opener/Wire Stripper, Pen, Magnifying Glass, LED Flashlight, 1GB USB Memory Stick.
Price:79 Buy it from here

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