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Bathroom Knee Mat Help You Bathe Your Baby Easy

If you are young mothers or fathers have ever tried to give a baby a bath, you know it isn’t easy. Because you have to crouching down or kneeling on your knees gets tiring after awhile. And kneeling on linoleum or tile can really hurt, also leaning on the side of a tub ain’t any better. That’s why this bathroom knee mat comes in. It is a waterproof mat for your knees that hooks right up to your tub and can cushion your knees against even the toughest of tile floors, lets you sit or kneel in total comfort while bathing your young ones. Features:
  • Water-proof foam cushions that cover both the floor and side of the bathtub.
  • Three main padded sections to cushion any surface, from tile to concrete.
  • Folds easily into a secure, compact unit that can easily be transported using the built-in handles.

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