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Ultra Portable Digit Bathroom Scale

Want to know your weight when you are away from home? Want a perfect gift for your weight-conscious friend? This fashionable ultra-portable digit bathroom scale makes weighing easier than ever. Concourse of modern element-extra slim design, mini figure and hidden-sliding display, it makes a statement of individuality. The slim design makes it possible to be carried anywhere you go. The fashionable look also makes it a perfect home decoration. Features:
  • Maximum Capacity: 150Kg/330lbs
  • Division:0.1Kg/0.2lbs
  • Auto zero/Auto off
  • Unique hidden display, sliding design
  • Low power/Over-load indicator
  • Units Available: Kg,lbs and st
  • LCD display
  • Size: 23x13x2cm(not include the hidden part)
  • Weight:0.7Kg
  • Powered by CR2032 battery(No included)

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