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iTouch-U iPod T-shirt

It is a little annoying to pull the iPod out of your pocket to change the track or turn up the music when your are running or other exercise. Good news, there is a iPod T-shirt that includes a pocket with integrated iPod controls, and it can supposedly be washed without any problems. As shown in the picture, you can control your iPod via the buttons on the T-shirt. The iPod control buttons are an keypad controller(included, compatible with all iPod players, expect the first and second generation iPod, iPod Shuffle) that connect your iPod via an interface converter. And the headphone connector is conveniently located on the upper part of the chest near the collar, nice for the cable management. Perfect design. Needless to say, the iTouch-U iPod Shirt is fully washable. Available in a women and men style. The iTouch-U iPod T-shirt is the absolute best looking wearable electronic garment we have seen so far, just gorgeous. Get one of those soonest for a drive and to show off – big time.

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