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XAircraft X650 QuadCopter(QuadRotor)

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XAircraft X650 is a remote control four rotor mini helicopter designed for the model aircraft enthusiasts which powered by lithium battery. It flies stably by four well controlled individual propellers(12-inch 60-pitch) direct-driven from four brushless motors. Fly forward, backward, left, right, up, down… by radio control equipment. Compared with traditional helicopters, the X650 quadcopter/quadrotor is a ideal platform for first person flight(FPV) to bringing you a brand-new flying experience. Support 13 sensors as flight attitude, height, direction, position (XAircraft GPS Module-Require additional purchase), temperature, and power consumption. With the help of XAircraft flight control algorithms, the X650 is easier to fly than other types of helicopters, and has quite good stability.


Frame X650 quadcopter/quadrotor mainly use aluminum alloy and glass fiber materials make sure the mechanical structure is durable and shatter-resistant.

Anti-Vibration Camera Mount Made of glass fiber. Damping design plus flight control algorithms ensures the high quality of the photos and videos taken in flight period. The damping design filter the high-frequency vibration, and the flight control algorithms control the steering gear to filter the low frequency jitters and make the equipment balance automatically.

Optional for uniaxial steering engine or biaxial.



Propeller & BrushLess Motor Exclusive efficient propellers, good quality in folding endurance and breaking-proof. It will not easy to crack at low temperature. The temperature ranges from -10℃  to 50℃(14℉-122℉). Propellers driven by brushless motors deirectly offer efficiency of up to 9g/W under rated load, each group of propeller and motor can provide thrust as much as 700g, which ensures the sate flight with 1600g take-off weight at most. Flight controller: Provide 12-channel control signals input, X650 quadcopter/quadrotor need 4 channels for basic flying at least, if you want to adjust the shutter and the camera angle, you need two additional channels, the remaining channels for extension using, such as GPS fixed-point, fixed height, fixed direction.


X650 Flight Control Unit:

  • 3-axis gyroscope
  • 3-axis acceleration sensor
  • Optional 3-axis magnetic field sensor
  • Output: Euler angles (Pitch, Roll, Yaw) (units deg), 3-axis angular velocity (in deg/s), 3-axis acceleration (in g)


X650 Input, Output and Control Unit

  • 12-channel remote control input
  • 12-channel control signal output, ALL channel support UltraPWM ESC, General Electric Adjustment, high-speed digital servo, general servo.
  • 2 built-in modules: input control signal module and output module
  • 5 expansion module interface for connecting AHRS, GPS, RF modules.
  • 1 Link interface for connecting USB-Link or wireless module.

X650 ESC-A4 High-Speed (UltraPWM) Electric  Speed Control Device
  • 4 Electric speed control device designed into one, line connect easy and safe.
  • Up to 60 MOS, able to withstand the high current.
  • Continue to provide 35A output current in the 3s battery.
  • 5A output capacity integrated(UBEC).
  • Support UltraPWM protocols and the control frequency up to 500Hz (2ms).



X650 new software interface for flight control management.



  • Embedded AVR and 51 chips, MCU structure, balance control guarantee.
  • Three highly reliable axis gyroscopes and accelerometer.
  • USB interface for communication between PC and X650.
  • Compatible normal aircraft remote control as Futaba FF9, JR9X2 and new 2.4G radio etc.
  • Weight:900g(Excluding receiver and battery)
  • Payload Capabiltiy:700g
  • Maximum Gross Take-Off Weight;1600g
  • Airborne Period;>12min(with 3S 33oomAh battery, payload under 1500g)
  • Battery:3S 2200mAh ~ 5500mAh/4S 1800mAh ~ 5500mAh Lithium Polymer
  • Battery Continuous Discharge:15C
  • Battery Connector: T type connector
  • The X650 PC software only supports on windows XP OX or above, such as Windows 7.
Fly Weight(g) Payload(g) Power Consumption(W) Efficiency Value(g/W)
1100 200 96 11.4
1200 300 110 10.9
1300 400 125 10.4
1400 500 148 9.5
1500 600 173 8.7
1600 700 210 7.6


Test Video

XAircraft X650 QuadCopter-Propeller Test


XAircraft X650 QuadCopter-Propeller & Moter Test

XAircraft X650 QuadCopter-Outdoor Aerial photography

XAircraft X650 QuadCopter-Indoor Aerial photography

XAircraft X650 QuadCopter-Frame Cover Test

XAircraft X650 QuadCopter-Flight Stability Test

XAircraft X650 QuadCopter-Camera Control Test1

XAircraft X650 QuadCopter-Camera Control Test2

AHRS(Attitude and Heading Reference System) Yaw Gyro Integral Angle Test



XAircraft was established in April 2007, focused on four-rotor aircraft research and development, the initial team members mainly from Microsoft. NET Club, they love technology and believe that technology can change lives. Their products are known for cost-effective, quality, functional scalability, parameter setting freedom. Note: The transmitter,receiver and battery are NOT INCLUDED, you need to prepare a 6-chn(at least) transmitter, a 6-chn(at least) receiver, 3S 2200mAh~5500mAh or 4S 2200mAh~5500mAh lithium battery(instant discharge capacity>15C) and assemble X650 youself.


  • which transmitter did the x aircraft x650 work with ? I have a friend who bought one, came with no Tx, and I have no idea how to help set it up. Any help is appreciated.


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